SurvCon 2020 Handouts
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SurvCon 2020 Digital Handouts

Please note: The presentations below are copyrighted and licensed exclusively for NJSPLS. Any reprinting, recording, reuse or redistribution without prior written consent is prohibited.

Items below that are printed in BLUE can be clicked on to download the handout for that workshop.  Workshops that are not linked are not yet available.

Wednesday Morning Workshops, February 5, 2020

(1) Power, Water and Sewer - Understanding Utility Easements

(2) Have your Cake and Eat it Too

(3) Asset Management Toolbox and Large-scale Mapping Projects

(4) GIS for Surveyors


(5) Surveying Best Practices -  PSEG and the Port Authority of NY & NJ - NO HANDOUT

Wednesday Afternoon Workshops, February 5, 2020

(6) Making Tracks, Railroad Problems

(7) When it's Time to Move On

(8) Comparative Ethics


(9) Creating Accurate Point Cloud Data


Thursday Morning Workshops, February 6, 2020


CST Review Class Materials

(10) What did you Really Mean?

(11) Railroad Rights of Way

(12) NFIP Mapping Issues, Mapping Changes and Surveyors

(13) Fundamentals of Geodesy and Geodetic Datums (Handout is Two Parts as listed below):
    Part 1

    Part 2

(14) Structural Monitoring


Thursday Afternoon Workshops, February 6, 2020

(15) Property Boundaries vs Regulatory Authority

(16) Rail Surveying Techniques


(17) The Art of Retracement

(18) What to Know - FEMA, NFIP and the Elevation Certificate


(19) Counting Down to 2022


Friday Morning Workshops, February 7, 2020

CST Examination - Important Information: PLEASE READ


(20) ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys


(21) How and Why of Digital Signatures

(22) The Hands-on Legal Research Basics

(23) Amazing Situations


Friday Afternoon Workshops, February 7, 2020

(24) Ethics and Standards

(25) What Services will you be Providing in 2025 and beyond?


(26) Introduction to Pipeline Surveying