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The NJSPLS has many different committees, dedicated to the promotion of the Professional Land Surveying field. Watch this page for important insight into what we are doing for you.

We are looking for a few good men and women for committee positions. To volunteer, please contact NJSPLS.

GIS/LIS Committee

Chairman Jeremy Klapper;  members Chip Adamson,Kevin Zelinsky, John Beattie Russ Kauffman (Surveyor REp NJGF Executive Committee


GIS/LIS Committee represents NJSPLS at SMAC Meetings; implements the statutes as it relates to base mapping; is instrumental in educating surveyors and the public about GIS/LIS and the surveyors' role. 

Web Site Committee

Chairman TBD; members Jeremy Klapper, John Beattie, James Heiser

The Web Site Committee is coordinating the creation, expansion and implementation of the NJSPLS Web Site. The goal of the committee is to provide online information that will be useful to the general public, the land surveying profession and the members of NJSPLS. Input and comments are always welcome through the web page comments section.

Membership Committee

Chairman Dave Aguanno; Jeremy Klapper, John Beattie, Sam Previtera, Joe Dolan

The Membership Committee shall be directly responsible for the activities of NJSPLS concerning membership and promotion of membership. The goals of the Committee are to expand current membership services, promote liaisons among allied professions, update current membership brochure, increase programs and services for technicians.

Nominating Committee


Chairman John Beattie; members Carl Peters, James Heiser, Jeremy Klapper

The Nominating Committee accepts and prepares the slate of candidates for office in NJSPLS as described in the By Laws.

Finance Committee

Chairman Al Faraldi; members Charlie Bell, Carl Peters, Dave Aguanno

Finance Committee supervises the financial affairs of NJSPLS. It shall direct an annual audit of accounts and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the amount of membership dues, investment of monies and other financial matters. The Committee is also responsible for preparation of the annual budget of NJSPLS.

Resolutions and By Laws Committee

Chairman Charlie Bell; members Carl Peters, TBD

Resolutions and By Laws Committee receives and prepares all resolutions referred for consideration by NJSPLS and recommends appropriate action to the Board of Directors. The Committee will review current by laws and recommended changes necessary to comply with State law; develop a model set of by laws for each of the Chapters; and compile a set of procedures taken from the by laws to develop an operations manual.

Tellers Committee

Chairman Carl Peters; members John Beattie, Sam Previtera

Tellers Committee is responsible for counting all votes cast in election for officers.

Conference/Annual Meeting Committee

Chairman Steven Mazurek; members John Beattie, Carl Peters, Sam Previtera, James Sens, Nick Wunner

Annual Meeting Committee shall set the agenda for the Annual Meeting at the Conference.

Public Relations Committee

Chairman Steven Mazurek; members Dave Aguanno, John Beattie, Carl Peters, Sam Previtera, James Heiser

Public Relations Committee works to educate the public and students about the profession of land surveying; plans themes and collateral materials for NJSPLS exhibit booth; investigates which shows NJSPLS should exhibit.

Legislative Committee


Chairman James Heiser; members Mark Husik, Carl Peters, Al Faraldi, Lew Conley, Joe Dolan, Peter Borbas, Charlie Bell, Peter Burgess, James Sens, Nick Wunner

Legislative Committee monitors bills before the Legislature; monitors rule proposals in the NJ Register; proposes and/or prioritizes legislation for introduction; develops position papers with the advice of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

TrigStar Committee


Chairman Gary Veenstra and Massimo Piazza


The TrigStar Program Contest is an annual high school mathematics competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors based on the practical application of Trigonometry. The program recognizes the best students from high schools throughout the nation. NJSPLS assists with the administration of this program in New Jersey.

Education Committee


Chairman Peter Burgess; members James Sens, Jeremy Klapper, James Heiser, John Beattie, Craig Stratton, Lou Marchuk

Education Committee suggests topics of courses to be offered at the annual conference and throughout the year, both on the professional and tech level. One of the goals of the Committee is to introduce a successful program of online learning to the Society.

NJSPLS Foundation

Scholarship Selection Committee - Patrick Fatton, Chairman; members Charlie Bell, Tom Park, Barry Gleissner, Jay Pierson, Fred Czepiga, Nick Wunner


The Scholarship Selection Committee will be responsible for the decision-making regarding scholarship grants.  To view the Foundation Bylaws, please click here.

Ad-Hoc Rowan Education Committee -  Chairman Peter Burgess; members Mark Husik, James Sens, John Beattie, James Heiser, Joe Dolan, Tara Vargo, Lew Conley, Al Fralinger


Ad-Hoc State Exam Questions Committee Chairman Lew Conley; members Bruce Blair, Joe Dolan, Al Faraldi


Ad-Hoc Legislative subcommittee to review drone regulations –  Chairman Adam Grant; members John Pankok, James Heiser, Phillip Cap, Joe Phil


President is a member of all committees