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NSPS 2020 Spring Meeting Report

Tuesday, April 21, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rona Goldberg
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The National Society of Professional Surveyors

Report for the NSPS, April 17, 2020, Spring General Membership and Board of Directors Meeting

submitted by Joseph M. Dolan, PLS, NSPS Director

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), including its predecessor, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), assembled for the first time since 1943, in other than a face to face meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to find a new format for the meeting. Several electronic options were explored, finally choosing “gotowebinar”. The NSPS Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of 58 voting members, along with a number of participating organizations that can participate in debate but can’t vote.

There were 80 people present at the meeting. Since the inception of the large BOD I have been pleasantly surprised at the demeanor and ability of the BOD to work effectively. Many people thought that chaos would ensue with such a large group; however, that never has happened. Debate is civil and productive.

Participants in the electronic format all had a microphone and voting control. The format only permitted six (6) cameras which were utilized by the officers. During discussion everyone had the ability to raise their hand to be recognized. There was also the ability to type in requests for clarification, or ask a question. We were also able to activate our microphone to be recognized at any time.

The meeting documents were available on the NSPS “Basecamp” website.  This website is the primary means of communication for NSPS. Directors can upload or download documents and discuss issues that are seen by all the directors. This is a new development for NSPS this year and appears to have gained acceptance.

General Membership Meeting:

The primary portion of the general membership meeting was the installation of our new officers.


NSPS President Mark Sargent (NH)

NSPS President-Elect Timothy Burch (IL)

NSPS Vice President Amanda Allred (NV)

NSPS Treasurer Robert Miller (PA)

NSPS Secretary Craig Amey (MN)

NSPS Immediate Past President Lisa Van Horn (WI)


President Mark Sargent delayed his incoming Presidents remarks until the fall meeting.


Board of Directors Meeting:


The minutes of the Fall 2019 meeting were approved.

Old Business Action Items:

Three items of old business were left over as tabled from the last meeting.


7a. Definition of the” foot” This item died on the table and a new motion was added under new business as Item 8.1.


7b. NSPS Land Surveyor Discussion Board, remained on the table and died.


7c. By-laws change Article ii remained on the table and died.


Due to the approval of the minutes from the Fall 2019 meeting minutes the following items were implemented


7d. Succession Plan (Confidential Document)


7e. Government Affairs Report


New Business Action Items:

House cleaning items and awards were handled. Copies of below motions attached.

8.1 Term of the Trig Star Trustee to the Foundation was changed to three (3) years to match the other Trustee terms. (Passed)

8.2 NSPS Social Media Policy and Style Guide (Referred to the Executive Committee for review by our Attorney and Insurance Company to be brought back for Fall 2020 meeting).


8.5 NSPS New Foundation Bylaws (Approved)

8.6 Promote a simplified application process for a professional land surveying license beyond your first license. (Approved)

8.7 Definition of the Survey Foot. (Approved)

8.8 Waiver of NSPS Staff Time Charges to the NSPS Foundation. (Approved)

Catahoula Basin – Amicus Brief:

TTThis case is interesting and I have attached the information I have access to. Unfortunately, the judge in the case decided in favor of the cartographer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph M. Dolan, P.L.S.
NSPS Delegate